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Making Emergency Alerts Accessible for All

  • Indoors. On a sofa, a couple in their 60s looks at the screen of a mobile phone. They both use glasses. He holds the phone and she smiles.

    "I receive local emergency alerts through GoCC4All and it's great that I can read them easily." - Judy M. CO

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    "This app has taken the place of the few weather alert apps I have on my device." - Scott D. NY

  • Indoors. A young slim man with glasses and headphones is seated in front of a laptop looking at the laptop screen

    "Just touching the SOS button I am able to share my location with my partner." - Joshua L. CA

GoCC4All provides emergency alerts and TV captions to individuals who are deaf-blind
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  • Emergency alerts and captions can be displayed on a mobile device or braille display.
  • Access to local emergency alerts information.
  • Ability to send user's location information automatically to a primary contact in emergency situations.
  • Ability to send user's location information to a primary contact whenever the user chooses.
  • Ability to customize the size of characters on user's mobile device (i.e. mobile phones, tablets).
  • Compatible with different braille displays and allows for changing the speed at which TV captions are shown.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

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